Monday, May 07, 2007

it's summer time and the livin' is easy

guess who is done with school!? done! DONE! DONE! well, when i say done, i mean done (oh god, i just went to write "done" and i spelled it "dun." further evidence that graduate school is actually making me dumber), done in the sense that i have until august to squeeze in enough sanity to last me through another school year. do you think i will succeed?

i thought this was going to be the summer of the mojito, and i was all set to grow bushes and bushes of mint and rows of rum trees, but i had a torrid love affair last night with "summer beer." go ahead and get ready to make your gross face when i tell you what is in it, and then after that get ready to tell me how it has changed your life after you try it. because you will try it. and it will change you. forever. and for the better.

summer beer:
12 oz pink lemonade concentrate
12 oz vodka
12 oz water
1 can/bottle beer

PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION. you should know that summer beer goes down real easy, as if you were drinking, say, lemonade. the kind of lemonade which is prone to being drunk quickly. however, if you will note, these are rather strong drinks. the kind that will put hair on your chest. pink, fruity, fluffy hair.

go ahead and have your cookout, and make, oh, 10 batches of this. last night we actually christened summer beer by a different name: "it's summer time and the livin' is easy." as in, "hey honey, will you mix up another batch of it's summer time and the livin' is easy," or, "while you're in there, bring me a glass of it's summer time and the livin' is easy."

at least i have something to keep me occupied while my mint grows. really, really occupied. i'm sorry, i can't work today, i'm too busy developing alcoholism. KIDDING. i kid.