Tuesday, October 31, 2006

say it isn't so

the following link was sent to me by a fine young lad who i hold in high esteem, some of you might know him as "nathan," in an email this morning. the subject line read "omg." the only text included was: "the y chromosome is fading fast."

i wish i could make my links work, but blogger has really been letting me down lately. i guess you'll have to cut and paste (horror!)


Sunday, October 29, 2006

my little helper

billie the kitten really likes to play laptop, and if i step away from the ole computer without closing the screen, i can be almost certain that when i return, she will be sitting on the keyboard. she is still small enough that she can curl up and fit her entire body on the keys. that is cute, but troublesome, as little kitty paws are, in fact, able to press the keys.

today, i returned from my little study break of toast and jam -000ty (see there! she just walked across the keyboard AGAIN!) and found she had left me a message on the screen. i copied it, in hopes that maybe someone will be able to interpret her unusual language.

so here it is, billie's first blog:


N 99N 4SDXXXXXXX *tyt,

Saturday, October 28, 2006


it has been pointed out to me that bacon does not come from a cow.

and yes, i am in graduate school.

Friday, October 27, 2006


really? nobody knows what mush is? i guess we will just have to WAIT and see who DOES know.

BUT.....if you want to come to my house tomorrow morning at 7ish, i will be making it. aunt momo making mush. not something you want to miss.

did i mention that at my house, it smells like bacon? it kind of makes me want to throw up a little bit. this morning i made pancakes while julie made bacon, and when i went to put my pajamas back on tonight (because yes, i wear the same pajamas a number of times before i wash them), they smelled like BACON. my pajamas did. i put them in the dirty clothes. yesterday, i had to go family grocery shopping in anticipation of the arrival of the in-laws, and i had to buy things like milk from a COW and bacon from a COW and cheese from a COW and lunch meat from....NOT A COW. i got stuff for sandwiches, but then today julie had to go back to the store becaus apparently the kind of bread we eat isn't good for people with difurticulitis. i'm sure that isn't how you spell that. but it is some kind of intestine problem, where you can't eat....bread? i don't know. i guess not 9 grain bread. so julie went and got some colonial brand white bread. how is that bread so squishy and soft? it just baffles me. my bread is not gooey like that. i vaguely remember eating that kind of bread in my past, and having it stick to the roof of my mouth.

here at our house, the food cultures they are colliding.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

a wee bit of food trivia for you

hello? internet? do you remember me?

i'm the one that used to have a life that included things like having free time to blog aimlessly, having friends (that i saw face to face!), and having a well-balanced diet.

now my diet mostly consists of jesus. and hot tea. at the same time. every. single. day.

and now, i present myself in my time of need, as the moment in which julie's family arrives at our house draws ever nearer. i like them, i really do like them, but i'm feeling a little neurotic about having them at our HOUSE. what will we do to entertain them? what will happen if they look in the strategically placed suitcase at the foot of our bed? what will i FEED them? they all seem kind of scared of the food that i eat. usually we visit them in indianapolis, and i bring a lot of food with me because otherwise i would have to last the whole weekend on carrot sticks. so it is not unusual for me to dig around in my purse and find something to eat, while they look on with utter horror and confusion. always when we visit them, we go to the "riley house" for breakfast, which they fondly refer to as the "old cracker barrel." it is your classic small town greasy sppon -- the place to see and be seen. the place to eat cholesterol laden foods and lotsa animal products. BUT they do have something on the menu which i am QUITE fond of, and which i have never seen down here in the sooooouth. fried mush.

you win a prize if you know what fried mush is, without having to google it. or ask someone. or call riley house. NO CHEATING.