Thursday, September 06, 2007

why i go to divinity school

listen, i know i suck at blogging. it isn't probably going to get much better, seeing as how i have to read no less than hundreds of pages each week, combined with (and i counted) 110 pages worth of paper writing.


i am reading simone de beauvoir's "the second sex" for class, well, i'm reading 300 pages of it for class, and i just came across this little quotsie:

"my earliest ideas of the superiority of the male were connected with urination. i felt aggrieved with nature because i lacked so useful and ornamental an organ. NO TEAPOT WITHOUT A SPOUT FELT SO FORLORN. it required no one to instil (sic) into me the theory of male predominance and superiority. constant proof was before me." (emphasis mine)

that's right. divinity school.