Tuesday, February 20, 2007


dear anonymous commenter from last blog post:

i agree.

now if only i could find someone to do all my homework, write my papers and take my exams, see my clients, take care of the 9485734985 animals at my house (did i mention that i rescued another cat? good job morgan. you needed another responsibility in your life. another PREGNANT responsibility.), clean my house, pay my bills, do my laundry (try to guess how many times i wear my jeans before i wash them), manage my money (did i also mention that i think now would be the perfect time for me to get involved in, say, an investment property? in my spare time, of course), cook my meals, dress me, shower me, accessorize me (like a doll -- also do my hair and my make up and paint my toenails)....if only i could find someone to do all those things, i would have time to do things like:
a. blog more
b. have sex more
c. sleep more
d. have a life more

maybe i need a flat morgan.