Friday, June 20, 2008


whole months of my life have gone by completely undocumented.

let me see, what has happened since september of last year.

lots of things, can't think of any funny ones right now.

i've been working on my resume, because i got laid off (if you scan back through a few years worth of blog entries, i'm pretty sure there is one from the last time i got laid off. by the same company. one would think i would learn my lesson, wouldn't one? one would be wrong, and would not understand how hard-headed i am). i tried to write my "professional profile" and was thinking about how ridiculous it is to have to write an advertisement for myself.

i think i'm going to start working on composing my lesbianism resume.

lots of cats



references available upon request.

oh and one other thing. i interviewed for a job that i didn't get. they called me back in to tell me i didn't get the job, and why i didn't get the job. i kind of was thinking, prior to this, that usually a potential employer didn't volunteer that information, unless it was requested. or unless they are black-hearted snakes. (i didn't request the information). but one of the qualities they were looking for, that i didn't have, was "strategic thinking skills." translation: you are a dumbie. dumb people can't do this job, dumbie. my self-esteem, it is rockin.

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